Green Acres of Marietta Celebrates One Year

Owning a small business is no easy task, and the first year in business is known to be an exceptional whirlwind of building a customer base, trial and error, developing relationships, and fine tuning. Many businesses don't make it through a full year, and the ones that do have the battle scars to show where they've been. Most importantly though, it's where our small businesses are going that is the most exciting. 

For Jennifer Sturgill, owner of Green Acres of Marietta at 128 Front Street, moving to Marietta, OH from her home state of California to start anew in our beautiful, historic town only added to the mix. Her vibrant personality has found a home in our downtown business community, and her customers know her for her warmth, bubbly spirit, and willingness to lend a helping hand always.

Read on to hear from Jennifer about her first year in business. Check out her page on Facebook and peruse her website, too!

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Q: The first year in business is a roller coaster ride. Looking back, what were some of your favorite moments?
A: Making friends with a lot of my customers and other merchants.

Q: There are a variety of locations in Marietta that a new business owner can choose to open up shop. Why did you choose downtown?
A: I knew from the minute I saw my store that it was mine. I didn’t even look anywhere else.

Q: Reflecting on the shopping trends of those who have come into your store this first year, what would you say your top-selling merchandise has been?
A: Jewelry and my handmade headbands.

Q: If I haven't yet heard about your shop, how would you describe what you offer to potential new shoppers?
A: We have antiques, furniture, seasonal items, tableware, and new, handmade, jewelry. We also have a section for kids and even a guy section! We have a little bit of everything. 

Q: The ability to participate in downtown events is a great benefit to the downtown business owner. What would you say some of your favorite events have been thus far?
First Fridays.

Q: With one year of experience behind you, what advice do you have today for your one-year-ago self, first stepping out into the world of owning a business in downtown Marietta?
A: Do more research!

Q: What words of wisdom would you share with aspiring business owners interested in opening a business downtown?
A: Get involved, play nice in the sandbox, ask LOTS of questions, and get to know all of the other business owners - they are a wealth of information.

Q: Is there anything you wish the Marietta community knew about your shop, about downtown, and/or about owning a local business? 
A: I wish the community would understand that owning a local business is hard and the community needs to give the small shops their support, not the big box stores, if they want to see their community thrive.