Opening a Business in Marietta

Empty store windows are not good for anything. Every time a new business opens in the downtown area, or anywhere in Marietta, there is always excitement and interest and support. While Marietta is full of all sorts of businesses and shops, there is always room to welcome more.

Many people find the idea of opening their own business daunting and impossible, when it fact, there is a wide range of resources to help and support a budding entrepreneur. If you are inspired to open a business, and you are passionate about bettering our area, you are already halfway there!

The biggest part of starting a business is reaching out, find all the help and guidance you can, but even more importantly: use it! Our local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a wealth of information and assistance. And it is FREE! Check out their contact information and set up a meeting. If nothing else, ask questions. What do I need to do first? What are the legal steps to take? How can I get startup funds?

Our local chamber of commerce helps outline how people can go about opening a business in our beautiful city. No matter where you are in the process of owning a business, there is always advice and assistance to be found. Talk to an existing merchant. Reach out to organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and The CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau).  

There are articles and lists and websites galore and what to do and not do when starting a business. Here are some key points from the National Retail Federation on successful businesses: 

  • Find a niche. Don't be too general of a business, focus on a key group
  • Plan and set specific goals. Review and revise your business plan often to track growth and adjust goals. 
  • Don't take too long to grow. Keep track of your time, and if you can, hire people to delegate tasks you don't personally have to handle.
  • Use digital channels to compete with big businesses. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are all valuable tools. 
  • Invest in your growth, use the resources available to you. There are many ways to fund a venture, and impressions are key.
  • Be mobile friendly. Especially in our walking-town, a website's ability to be pulled up on a phone or an accessible map is essential. 

Check out the links below for information and advice on starting a business. We would all love to see Marietta’s storefronts FULL and the city THRIVING!


SBDC Contact Information
Ohio SBDC at Marietta
2163 SR 821 Building 6-A
Marietta, Ohio 45750

PHONE: (740) 373-5150
FAX: (740) 373-2984