Marietta Main Street is grateful to have the support of our Friends.

These individuals and businesses go above and beyond in their dedication to Marietta Main Street and our mission of bringing people together to preserve, enhance and enjoy downtown Marietta.

We encourage you to in turn support each of them!

The Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce speaks for entrepreneurs and leaders in every business sector who share the common understanding that Southeastern Ohio's strong business climate is the key to Marietta's prosperity as well.

The Marietta Community Foundation is more than a charitable giving partner. And it's more than a way to positively impact our community. It's a shared belief that together we will meet each day knowing that in real and tangible ways, we are making tomorrow better.

The Marietta-Washington CVB works hard to make sure the rest of the world knows what a treasure we have here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We work together to highlight the best of Marietta and create unique downtown experiences for tourists and residents alike.

justAjar is a collaboration between Sara (design) and Bobby (press) based in Marietta, Ohio. Bobby and Sara are incredibly supportive of Marietta Main Street and offer their design services to help make our city and our programs shine.

Marietta Main Street works with the City of Marietta to best serve our downtown residents, merchants, business owners, and community members. Together we help preserve and enhance our beautiful, historic city.