The Galley Goes Green

Photo by The Galley.

Photo by The Galley.

This blog post was authored by Nate Shahan of The Adelphia Music Hall/Galley Enterprises, Inc.

Over the last several months, a movement has been gaining increasing momentum in Seattle, Washington. The movement, “Strawless in Seattle,” has the mission of identifying Seattle as the first major metropolitan area to ban one-use straws by July 2018. 

Every day in the United States, 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away. That seems like a ridiculously high number, but stop and think about it - every to-go cup from a fast food restaurant has a plastic straw,  most restaurants have plastic straws in every drink, and sometimes, if you get a refill, businesses will give you a whole new glass with yet another plastic straw. 

The Seattle movement about straws does not even include all the plastic and Styrofoam containers that are used in the food service industry every day.

There are two ways to look at global problems. The first way is to say, “Well, this problem is too big. Nothing I can do will make any difference.” The second way is to say, “If everybody does one little thing to help, that can really add up and create a ripple of positivity.”

The Galley has decided to put ourselves on that second team. 

We recently announced two initiatives that we hope will contribute to a growing spirit of sustainability throughout Historic Marietta.

First, we will be significantly reducing the usage of plastic straws in our restaurant. We acknowledge that some of our customers may require a straw for a variety of reasons, and we are happy to provide straws as requested. The main change is that we will not be automatically distributing plastic straws as we have done in years past. Just this fact alone will reduce straw usage and waste by default.

Second, we have updated our to-go containers. Instead of using plastic bags and Styrofoam boxes, our approach is now using to use paper bags and cardboard containers. Both are very easy to recycle.

We are continuing to think about about other ways we can do our part to cut back on the massive amount of waste that is doing so much damage to the world’s oceans and environment. We know many other downtown businesses are thinking the same way.

We look forward to starting more campaigns in the future. We may even be working on our next big idea right now. Stay tuned!

This blog post was authored by Nate Shahan of The Adelphia Music Hall/Galley Enterprises, Inc.