Help Us Build A Bike-Friendly Community


Marietta Main Street and the Washington County Health Department have partnered together to learn more about the commuting habits of our lovely town, with the end goal of building a more bike-friendly community.

The benefits of a bike-friendly community are tremendous not only for our local economy, but to the health & wellness of our citizens. Studies have shown that bike-friendly communities are often safer, with increase property values, more attractive to the largest generation of employees, increase the viability and revenue for small shops, and save in costs for a city budget.  

The purpose of our survey is to gain data about Marietta specifically: who is already actively commuting to work? Who would like to but certain barriers are deterring a commute? What are those barriers? And, what locations in our community need roadway support? 

The data collected will be used to help determine specific areas in Marietta that are high need of concern for commuters and those looking to commute on bike. The data will also reveal patterns on needed wayfinding support, pedestrian-safety & infrastructure support, and more.

We need your help! Please fill out the below survey (linked in the button) and share within your networks! The survey has 14 questions and should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

The mission of the Washington County Health Department is to increase physical activity into the workday by creating an environment that supports making the healthy choice the easy choice. By creating an active commute support such as a Complete Streets policy with a flex time physical activity policy you are creating environmental infrastructure that reinforces physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.