Join the Main Street Board!

The Marietta Main Street Board of Directors is a group of passionate, connected, dedicated, and inspired individuals who work hard, dream big, and genuinely enjoy their time connecting to one another. Our Board of Directors leads the way for Main Street by guiding our programs, increasing our impact, and growing our capacity to meet our mission of revitalizing the place we love most: downtown Marietta.

Have you served on a Main Street Committee? Enjoyed one of our events? Donated to our organization? If you have a heart for supporting the nonprofit sector and want to be a part of positive change in our community, the Main Street Board of Directors might be the right fit!

Members of the Main Street Board of Directors have the responsibility of leading our organization, serving on a committee, supporting fundraising efforts, volunteering at events, celebrating our accomplishments, and problem-solving obstacles we may face along the way.

As you might know, Marietta Main Street has one staff member - our Executive Director Cristie Thomas - and our Board of Directors supplements her efforts by supporting programs, planning events, and charting the way together, as a team.

Each member of our Board is guided by a different passion and brings a different set of skills to the table; our diversity is what makes our Board work. We need members of the Marietta community from all walks of life, with different perspectives and varying talents, all committed to one thing: revitalizing downtown. 

Interested in joining the Main Street Board of Directors?

Submit the application, provided below, no later than 12 p.m. on October 1 to be considered for nomination. Our Nomination Committee will review all applications and follow-up as needed, recommending up to (5) individuals to receive an official invitation to join the 2018 Marietta Main Street Board of Directors. All applicants will receive official invitations by November 1 and be expected to accept no later than November 15.

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Which of the below areas do you feel most equipped in to share with Marietta Main Street?
Which of the below primary goals of Marietta Main Street do you feel most passionate about?
An ad-hoc committee of the current Board of Directors will review all applications and follow up with individual applicants regarding next steps in the review process, which may include applicant interviews. Official nominations will be made by the committee to the full Board of Directors for approval. All applications are due no later than 12 p.m. on October 1. All official invitations to join the Board of Directors will be extended no later than November 1 with the expectation that they will be accepted no later than November 15. All 2018 members of the Marietta Main Street Board of Directors are active as of January 1, 2018.
As a Marietta Main Street board member, you are required to attend monthly board meetings, monthly community meetings, contribute an unrestricted personal gift of significance to Marietta Main Street, enlist your represented business/organization as a partner of Marietta Main Street, and be an advocate for Marietta Main Street in all public spaces, maintaining a standard code of ethics as presented in our annual board orientation retreat. A term of office on the Marietta Main Street Board of Directors is three years. By checking below, you acknowledge in full the commitment of being an official representative of Marietta Main Street as a member of the Board of Directors and agree to fill your duties as best as you’re able to maximize your impact.