The Little Gift Shop That Could

Sponsored by Campus Martius Museum

When you attend the Campus Martius Experience on November 17, you will notice that there is a little gift shop near the entrance. There has always been a gift shop at Campus Martius, but it has flown under the radar of many locals over the years. Since 2009, the shop has been under the wing of the Friends of the Museum, and we have been working on letting people know about this hidden gem. That has become even more dominant in our minds as we have been working on our new museum branding.

What do you think of when you think "gift shop"? When you hear “gift shop” you might just think of tourists. The fact is, though, we have a lot to offer whether you are just passing through or whether you live minutes away.

We have always tried to differentiate ourselves both from other local shops and from the traditional museum gift shop. One way we are working on this is making our store just as appealing to locals as it is to the tourists who are visiting us for the first time.

We often hear people talk about the fact that there are no bookstores in Marietta. There used to be a used bookstore downtown but it closed its doors a couple of years ago. Our gift shop is actually partially a bookstore. We have a wide range of books that cover everything from history, archaeology, books by local authors, cookbooks, travel books, and books for kids. 


Every week, we are adding new items to our shop, and we are very conscious of providing options so that you can find gifts for the person, near or far, who already has everything. Over the years, we have sold locally hand-crafted and painted concrete leaves, pen and pencil sets made from fragments of the Rufus Putnam house, “Frank’s Missing Fingers” (perfect for Halloween), and more. You can shop here and send a slice of Marietta to your friends and family, too, and we are working on building our Marietta-specific inventory. We are going to have “Someone in Marietta Loves Me” t-shirts ready by the time the Campus Martius Experience event starts, and we are really excited about that. 

Like our entire museum, and the Ohio River Museum, our gift shop caters to everyone. Kids will find things they will beg you for (sorry), and you will also be tempted by a lot of the products we are bringing in for you. Seasonal and holiday items like the hand-crafted pumpkins we are selling now are going to help us make sure there is always something to motivate people to visit us.

We hope that you are planning on coming to the Campus Martius Experience on November 17. Tickets are $55 and for that investment you will get a night of food, music, access to the all of the exhibits at our museum, and a sneak peak at the exhibit we will be launching the next day. When you come in, be sure to stop in to the gift shop and do some holiday shopping. You will not regret it!