Are You Missing Out?

How many people living in Marietta now grew up here? Marietta High School, maybe Marietta College too. And if you did get out into the world, how long before you came back?

As Mariettans, we know we have an amazing tourist town. We’ve got cool historic stuff, great food, fantastic little downtown shops, and the events - man, do we have some great things happening around here!

Back to that cool historic stuff - have you checked it out? Holiday Loft Tours, our museums in the area, a trolley tour? These places and things have always been there, but sometimes we take them for granted and forget about all of these attractions we have right here in town.

Do you know how many museums we have around here? The Campus Martius - the one you probably had to visit in grade school to dip beeswax candles and spin wool. There’s the Ohio River Museum, The Soda Museum, Toy and Doll Museum, the list goes on and on!  Don't forget about the Castle, another class field trip, though many haven’t visited since. The Trolley, an amazing piece of history with an awesome tour to accompany it, shows the side of downtown Marietta that most locals gloss over on their way to dinner or on River Roar weekend.

For all those people who say there is nothing to do in Marietta, here you are. Check it out, don’t take history for granted, and get to know your little city. Maybe you’ll learn something interesting about your favorite building you drive by on your way to work every weekday. Grab your friends, take a tour, go experience the fun ‘touristy’ parts of Marietta that locals never seem to take the opportunity to do.

Campus Martius Museum- (740) 373-3750

Ohio River Museum- (740) 373-3750

Soda Museum- (740) 376-2653

Toy and Doll Museum- (740) 373-5900

The Castle- (740) 373-4180

Trolley Tours- (740)350-985