When you become a partner of Marietta Main Street, you take care of Marietta's heart.

It's easy to see how investing in downtown is investing in our future - when small businesses thrive, when residents have pride for their home, when tourists fill hotels each weekend, and when our community is connected we know that the future of our favorite place is bright.

THAT'S WHAT WE DO AT MAIN STREET - We increase the quality of life of #MyMarietta, and your support goes a long way. 

Your donation is more than a donation - it is building a community, and we couldn't be more grateful!

Become a Main Street Partner

Supporting Marietta Main Street with your partnership has never been easier, now that you can access payment online. Simply click below to select your 2019 Partner Level and follow the steps to process payment. Make sure you "Check out" by clicking the button on the top right corner of your screen to complete the process.  All partners will be thanked with a surprise gift in the mail in the 1st quarter of the year!

Main Street Partnership
from 75.00
Partner Level:
Become a Partner!

2019 Partner Levels

Nonprofit: $150


  • Event promotion on social media outlets

  • (1) Special invitation to Downtown Celebration

  • Listing on website and in annual report

individual: $75


  • Marietta Main Street tote bag

  • Subscription to "This Week with Main Street" e-newsletter

  • Listing on website and annual report

Mover & Shaker: $1000


Supporter + Investor Benefits PLUS

  • Business logo included in every weekly e-newsletter

  • First right of refusal to sponsor Main Street events

Investor: $500


Supporter Benefits PLUS

  • State and national training opportunities

  • Shout out at our Downtown Celebration

supporter: $250


  • Continuing revitalization efforts on behalf of all Marietta

    Main Street partners & our community

  • A voice in important decisions affecting downtown

  • Advocacy at state and local legislative levels

  • (1) Special invitation to Downtown Celebration

  • Monthly updates, news, & opportunities for Main Street


  • This Week with Main Street e-newsletter

  • Listing on our website and in our annual report

  • "Partner of the Week" promotion