It's time for the Main Street Dance Off!

Marietta Main Street does A LOT! From downtown beautification to historic preservation to public art installations, promotions, economic development planning, and, of course, lots of fun events, we have a full plate! Through it all, though, we do our best to have fun! The ability to come together as a community in a downtown we love, and enjoy all that it has to offer, makes Marietta so special and we are proud to be a vital part of making that magic happen.

This is where YOU come - We challenge you to a Main Street Dance Off! 

This fundraising initiative is meant to generate financial support for your favorite Main Street (that's US!) and to get our community dancing in the streets, having fun, and challenging each other to invest in the downtown we love the most - downtown Marietta!

Participating is easy. Check out the rules of play below, watch our kick off video, and make a pledge now to support Main Street!


+ Make a financial pledge to Marietta Main Street. We encourage pledges of $25 and up!

Verbalize your pledge with a dance move or two and you're officially part of the Main Street Dance Off! We encourage the cunning use of video and social media for the Main Street Dance Off, so get ready to share your love for downtown online! Facebook Live, Boomerang, uploaded videos, etc. are all acceptable forms for the Main Street Dance Off!

+ In your video and/or social media post, challenge 2 friends to a Main Street Dance Off! 

+ Accepted challenges should be posted online (Facebook or Instagram) using the hashtag #MainStreetDanceOff. We would love you to tag us on social media, too! ---> @MariettaMainSt

Need a little help? It's as easy as this: "My name is Mary and I accept the Main Street Dance Off with a pledge of $50! I love downtown Marietta and am excited to watch it grow. (dance break to favorite song of all time) I challenge my friends Ryan and Katie to a Main Street Dance Off too! Bust a move!"